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Coach and Player

US Visa for Coaches and Essential Support Staff

At Elizee Law Firm, we understand the unique immigration needs of coaches and essential support staff in the sports industry. Whether you are a head coach, assistant coach, strength and conditioning specialist, or any other key support staff member, we are here to assist you in obtaining the appropriate U.S. visa that allows you to contribute your expertise to American sports teams and organizations.

Visa Categories for Coaches and Support Staff


O-1 Visa ( Extraordinary ability or Achievement )

​The O-1 visa is designed for coaches and support staff who have demonstrated extraordinary ability or achievement in their respective fields. This visa is ideal for renowned coaches and individuals who are internationally recognized for their contributions to sports.

P-1 Visa ( Athletes and Entertainment Groups) : 

Coaches and support staff working with athletes or entertainment groups may be eligible for the P-1 visa. This visa category is suitable for coaches and trainers associated with sports teams, athletes, or entertainment productions.

H-1B Visa (Specialty Occupations):

In certain cases, coaches and support staff with specialized skills or qualifications may qualify for the H-1B visa, which is typically associated with high-skilled occupations. This can be a viable option for positions requiring specific educational backgrounds and expertise.

If you are a coach or essential support staff member seeking to work in the United States, we invite you to contact Elizee Law Firm. Our team of immigration attorneys is committed to providing personalized, professional, and efficient assistance in securing the appropriate U.S. visa that aligns with your goals and aspirations in the sports field.

Our staff is fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole. 

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