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Visas for Athletes 

Welcome to the Elizee Law Firm, your trusted partner for securing athlete visas that empower you to compete, train, and pursue your athletic dreams in the United States. We specialize in helping internationally recognized athletes and sports teams navigate the complex world of athlete visas, including the P-1 visa and O-1 visa, to ensure seamless entry and participation in U.S. sports events.

Our experienced immigration attorneys understand the unique challenges and opportunities athletes face, and we are committed to providing personalized and effective legal representation tailored to your specific athletic endeavors. Whether you're an athlete looking to compete at the highest level or a coach guiding talent from abroad, we have the expertise to assist you.

Our athlete visa services encompass:

P-1 Visa for Athletes: Designed for internationally recognized athletes and teams, we assist in gathering the required documentation and preparing a compelling case to establish your international recognition and secure your P-1 visa.

O-1 Visa for Extraordinary Athletes: If you possess extraordinary abilities or achievements in your sport, the O-1 visa may be your pathway. Our attorneys guide you through the rigorous O-1 visa application process, ensuring your qualifications meet the criteria for extraordinary achievement.

B-1 Visa for Amateur Athletes: For amateur athletes coming to the U.S. for competitions, we navigate the B-1 visa application process, ensuring compliance with temporary entry requirements.

J-1 Visa for Exchange Visitors: Athletes participating in exchange programs or training benefit from the J-1 visa. We assist you in securing J-1 visas, ensuring program compliance and facilitating your athletic pursuits.

Customized Visa Solutions: Depending on your unique athletic situation, we explore alternative visa options that align with your goals and athletic journey.

At Elizee Law Firm, we recognize the dedication, passion, and talent required to excel in sports. Our mission is to provide athletes with the legal support needed to concentrate on training, competitions, and achieving their athletic objectives.

Contact Elizee Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with our experienced immigration attorneys. Let us assist you in navigating the athlete visa process, opening doors to a world of athletic opportunities in the United States.ed one, and we are here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Elizee Law Firm is a full-service immigration law firm. We can guide you and your family through your current immigration case. Our staff is fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole. Contact us at (305) 371-8846. 

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