March is all about MUSIC in MIAMI! Are you ready?

Some may say “money makes the world go around”

But wait a minute; let’s rephrase that – “music makes the world go around”.

Now this phrase definitely sounds better!

Let’s face it - Music is forever, its impact can be felt in every tiny bit of life, we grow and mature with music, it soothes the heart, strengthens the soul and uplifts the weak spirit. Music is definitely one of the best things to happen to life.

In Miami, the month of March undoubtedly gets everyone in the spirit of music as the city plays host to a lot music shows and concerts. Lots of music aficionados, Djs, electronic musicians and producers come in from across the globe to have a good feel of the musical experience and witness some amazing performances.


Miami Music Week (MMW) is a weeklong, non-stop electronic dance music event that takes place in Miami. The MMW takes place during the last week of March and it is witnesses hundreds of thousands of music lovers both locally and internationally. A lot of artists are seen performing at strategic venues across Miami; including nightclubs, boats, downtown Miami, Miami Beach and several other locations. This year Miami Music Week runs from March 20th to 25th.


Ultra Music Festival is another electronic dance event that also takes place in the month of mark. This outdoor music festival is held at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Initially started off as a one day event, grew into a two-day weekend event and has since 2011 become a three days breathtaking event (from Friday through Sunday). This year Ultra Music Festival is from March 23rd to the 25th.


This is an electronic music conference that is held for one week in Miami Beach, Florida. This conference is a four days platform where professionals such as Djs, artists, producers, music promoters and record label representatives come together to panel discussions and hold seminars. This event commands a massive draw of crowd as thousands of people come from all across the globe.

Here’s the deal - All three events happen just around the same time and they are an avenue where professionals can show case their professionalism, where artists and upcoming artists can show off their raw talent and conversely where promotion of labels and brands thrive.

How can one promote his or her career by attending?

The thing is – if you truly are dedicated to taking your career to the next level, you need to build your brand. To get the right support or promotion for you brand it is advisable that you be at the right place at the right time – and the right place to be is Miami!

The only thing left is this - You would definitely need proper visas. Whether you need to promote your music or you need to expand your career or gain supporters for your brand, coming into Miami without proper visas only spell trouble. While you are able to come and visit Miami using an ESTA or a tourist visa, you may able qualify for work visas that are just for music professionals! We have helped entertainers and even athletes get the work visa or even a green card to come and reside with their families to the United States.

As an immigration attorney I can help you get proper visas to attend these events and also I can help you obtain proper work visas in any case. Contact me today as I am just a click away!

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