• elizeelaw

What is Parental Responsibility?

Parent responsibility according to Florida law is the ability for a parent to make decisions for his or her child.

There are three types of parental responsibilities

  1. Parents who share parental responsibility make decisions for their child together.

  2. Sole parental responsibility because only one parent is able to make decisions for the child.

  3. Ultimate decision making which allows each parent to take charge for different areas in child’s life such as education or health related issues.

Most of the time, children of parents who divorce or separate have a difficult time dealing with the situation. Various psychologists, lawyers, and judges have set up the guidelines regarding parental responsibility. If both parents cannot agree on major decisions for the child, a judge will determine how to divide parental responsibility among the parents.

As a last resort, the law can give one parent sole responsibility if and only if there is enough evidence that it is in the best interest of the child. Certain actions such as neglect, abuse, and other unsafe situations may be used as evidence to give one parent the responsibility of the child. The parent who is given sole responsibility does not need to consult with the other parent in making decisions for the child.