• elizeelaw

Should Female Celebrities pay their exes Alimony?

Popular TV Actress, Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” recently filed for divorce from her tennis player husband, Ryan Sweeting. They dated for three months before saying their I do’s and just over 21 months later their relationship sizzled out.

They split and cited the ever-so-popular “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. It was just announced that Mr. Sweeting is seeking spousal support, despite them having a prenuptial agreement. The court documents papers state that the estranged couple signed a prenup in November 2013, a month before their wedding.

The prenup will determine how the stars’ assets will be split, and how much spousal support Cuoco will give the pro tennis player. Mrs. Cuoco is worth far more than her husband; we’re talking in the millions. She is worth around forty five million dollars, mostly from her years on the show. She makes a whopping one million dollars per episode on her TV show. Meanwhile, her husband is worth around two million dollars, mostly from the prize money that he’s earned from his game-winning days.

It really does make sense that Sweeting would ask for spousal support. After all, he makes a lot less money than his ex does. He is reportedly seeking spousal support because with injuries hurting his sports career, he will not be able to keep living at the same comfort level that his wife has been providing for him.

Alimony is not gender based but ability based. Any woman making more more money then her husband should consider the possibiity of paying alimony in the event of a divorce!