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How to Prove Your Marriage Is Real?


Hey, lovebirds! Planning to navigate the exciting world of U.S. immigration? One key step for those applying for a green card through marriage is proving that your love is the real deal to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). But how do you prove that your marriage isn’t just a means to obtain immigration benefits? Here’s a guide to keeping things legit and making sure your true love shines through the paperwork!


1.     Gather Your Documents: The first step is to compile an adequate set of documents that demonstrate your marriage is the real deal. Here are some of the key documents you should consider:

  • Marriage Certificate: Make sure it’s official and authenticated. This document is your golden ticket to start the process, proving that you are legally married.

  • Joint Ownership of Property: Joint bank accounts, shared lease agreements or mortgages, and utility bills or receipts for major purchases with both names can strengthen your case. These documents prove that you share financial responsibilities, a common indicator of a legitimate relationship.

  • Evidence of Shared Experiences: Photos and records of trips together, celebrations, and participation in each other's significant life events are powerful evidence.


2.     Affidavits from Friends and Family: Statements from friends and family can add a personal touch to your application. These affidavits should ideally reflect their first-hand experiences with you as a couple, providing insights into your relationship's authenticity.


3.     Personal Statements: A personal letter describing your relationship, how you met, key moments in your relationship, and your plans for the future can personalize your application.


4.     Consistent Communication Logs: If you spent time apart due to travel or before moving in together, showing a record of your communications (texts, emails, call logs) demonstrate that you kept in touch regularly.


5.     Be Prepared to Talk: USCIS may want to chat with you and your spouse through an interview to see how well you know each other. Be honest, relax, and let your genuine relationship do the talking.

Remember, the goal is to present a full, authentic picture of your relationship that leaves no room for doubt. After all, it's about proving that your happily ever after is just beginning. Good luck!



Patricia Elizee is the managing partner of the Elizee Law Firm, an immigration law firm located at 1110 Brickell Avenue, Suite 315, Miami, Florida 33131. Phone 305-371-8846. The law firm was established in 2012. Ms. Elizee earned her Juris Doctorate at the University of Miami School of Law and her Masters in Law from the University of Washington School of Law.



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