Child Support 

In Florida, child support calculations are governed by statute. Elizee Law Firm can represent you in your child support calculations, modifications, and enforcement cases.


The Florida Child Support Guidelines govern the amount that the paying parent will be obligated to contribute monthly. The courts will begin their analysis by determining each parent’s net income. The courts will then consider the amount of time that both parents spend with the child, if any. The cost of daycare, health insurance, and uncovered medical expenses will be taken into consideration.


The amount paid in child support can be modified where there has been a significant change in finances, or in the amount of time that the parents are spending with the child. In Florida, child support can be ordered up until the child turns 18, or 19 in the event the child is still in grad school.


There are very serious consequences for parents who do not pay their child support order. Non-payment or being behind in your child support payments, may result in fines, the suspension of your driver’s license, and even jail time.


Make sure to hire an attorney to safe guard your rights and those of your children. Elizee Law Firm is a full service family law firm. Allow the firm to represent you and your family in your pending family law issue. Contact us today at (305) 371-8846 for more information. 


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