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Elizee Law Firm is a full service immigration law firm. We can help you with your immigration needs. Music Producers who will accompany an O-1 artist or entertainer to assist in a specific event or performance, may be eligible to enter into the United States.

Music Producer

O-2 Visa

The O-2 work visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows essential support personnel of O-1 visa holders in the fields of athletics, entertainment, motion picture and television production to enter into the U.S. and engage in official activities. This status is not applicable to personnel in the sciences, business or education. The O-2 beneficiary must have critical skills and experience with the O1 artist or entertainer that cannot be readily performed by a US worker, and which are essential to the successful performance of the O1 artist or entertainer.

O-2 Requirements:

1. Must prove to be an integral part of the actual performance of the O-1 principal.

2. Must have critical skills and experience that are not of a general nature and cannot be performed by other individuals

3. Must maintain a foreign residence

4. Must prove the work in the U.S. is temporary

5. Must work only with the O-1 principal named in the petition

Length of O-2 Visa Admission

A musical producer may stay in the U.S. on O-2 visa for the period of time determined to be necessary to assist the O-1 principal to accomplish the event or activity, but not to exceed three years.

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