Visa for Television and Film

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Visa for Television and Film

O visas are appropriate for production teams seeking to enter the US to work on entertainment or scripted programs and films. O visas are typically granted for a specific event, such as the shooting of a particular feature film or TV series in the US. O visas can be valid for up to three years, but are generally approved for the duration of the specified event or series of events.


O-1 and O-2 Visas


There are two O visa options for TV and film crews: the O-1 for individuals with “extraordinary achievement” in motion picture or TV production, and the O-2 for the essential team members of certain O-1 visa holders. Together, these visas can be used to allow entire production teams to enter the US to work on a film or TV program.


In practice, the O-1 should be reserved for the most accomplished member of the production team, typically the Executive Producer, Director, or Lead Actor/Actress. 


O-1 and O-2 Requirements


To qualify for the O-1 in the film or TV industry, the candidate must demonstrate “extraordinary achievement” as evidenced by either a major, national, or international award or nomination with companies of a distinguished reputation, press discussing the individual and/or their productions, commercial success, high salary, and reference letters from industry experts.


To qualify for an O-2 visa, each candidate must either have a long-standing working relationship with the O-1 candidate or, in the case of a specific film or TV program, if significant production is taking place outside the US, then the O-2’s can be approved on a “continuity of production” basis by demonstrating that they are essential to the successful completion of the production.




Media (I) visas are for representatives of the foreign media, including members of the press, radio, film,and print industries, traveling temporarily to the U.S. to work in their profession engaged in informational or educational media activities, essential to the foreign media function.


I-Visa Basic Requirements:


1. Activities in the U.S. while on a media visa must be for a media                   organization having its home office in a foreign country.

2. Activities in the U.S. must be informational in nature and generally               associated with the news gathering process and reporting on current           events.

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